Friday, 16 May 2014

Marriage is Like a Dance

“Submit one to another out of reverence for Christ.” Ephesians 5:21 NIV

To say that I have two left feet would be giving me more credit than I would deserve.  I can clap in time to music but that hardly equates to having a sense of rhythm.  All this is to say that if marriage is really like a dance my wife and I could be in real trouble.

In general the man is responsible for leading his fair maiden around the dance floor.  The more adept he is at guiding her the easier it is for her to follow his lead and for them to appear to be graceful.  The man isn’t forceful, he doesn’t push and shove them around the floor but by merely using the slightest pressure on his partner’s back or by moving his arm in such a way that she natural goes where he is directing her they move in unison.  This is poetry in motion.

All this is to say, though seemingly not politically correct, someone has to lead and it should be the man.  I am not a chauvinist nor a domineering, control freak.  Most anyone who has taken a class from me is aware that I am quick to acknowledge how clueless most of us men tend to be.  I am just convinced that it was God’s plan that man should be the servant leader, protector and provider of his family.  I am not big on the “S” word unless it is as stated in Ephesians 5:21 which says that as brothers and sisters in Christ we are to submit to one another out of reverence for Christ, NOT out of reverence for one another.

I do not believe that God does anything haphazardly, without a purpose.  There was a reason man was created first and Eve taken from his rib.  God could have created them simultaneously.  God could have created a creature that was fully contained in one body, needing no one else but someone else just like himself/herself.  God created them equal in every way but different in terms of their makeup.  Adam was given authority to name the animals.  That assignment was symbolic of where Adam stood positionally in the kingdom.  Eve was created to be his helper for surely Adam needed one.  The Hebrew term for helper is ezer, meaning “to make up for the deficiency of”.

There seems to be a movement on today to make women more like men and men more like women.  It is unfortunate that verse 5:21 comes before 5:25 and 5:33.  I would hope that any woman would defer to any man who was attempting to love her as much as Christ loved His bride and as much as he loves himself.  By definition he will always have her best interest at heart.

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