Friday, 25 April 2014

Trusting God and Basketball

In the United States college basketball is a big thing, particularly in the month of March.  We actually call it March Madness.  Just prior to the national tournament which will supposedly determine the best college team in the country a list of 64 teams is selected.

As a kid growing up I so wanted to play basketball on the school team.  I spent hours each week shooting baskets.  There were only three things holding me back.  I was too short, too slow and a bad shot.  However I never lost my appreciation for basketball, particularly college ball.  The action is fast paced, typically they are more athletic and agile than high school players and not nearly as physical as professional players.

Each year there are always a few games that go down to the final seconds to determine the winner.

And this relates to God in what way?   Life can be a little like a March Madness basketball game.  We may be wishing for and looking for a particular outcome.  An outcome which may or may not come to pass.  It may be waiting to be accepted by a college; hoping to find the person of your dreams; waiting to hear from a potential employer; desiring to conceive a child; awaiting an operating surgeons report; hoping for someone to purchase your home; imploring God to take away an addiction of a loved one, or waiting to see God work in the heart of your spouse.

The outcome of the basketball game is not a matter of life in death, although to some it seems like it, and in many cases the examples above aren’t of that magnitude either.  The difference is that in the above examples God has a vested interest.  God will ultimately determine when and how those events will turn out.  And, whether or not we approve of His decision, not to mention His timing, we must believe that the outcome is for our best.

I rather doubt that God has a favorite team going into March Madness but He has a plan for the life of each player, just as He has a plan for you and me.  I’d be surprised if God pays a lot of attention to those who pray for their basketball team to be victorious.  I’m convinced that He very much cares about those “life changing” events that can mold and shape our character, strengthen our faith, build trust in Him, or brings honor and glory to Him.

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