Friday, 31 January 2014

God as Director in Life’s Play

As the Creator of all living creatures there is no doubt that God has handpicked His cast.  He picked Abraham as the father of the Israelite nation.  He selected Moses to set the captives free from Egypt.  He tapped Joshua on the shoulder to take the Promised Land.  Gideon was slotted to free the Israelites from the oppression of the Midianites while Nehemiah was selected to rebuild the wall.  The Apostles were given the role of Church planters while the Son was given the leading role of Savior.

We are but actors and actresses on this globe we call earth.  Each of us has been given a part.  Some of us refuse to play our parts, some refuse to learn our lines while others of us thrive in the role we have been given.

Let’s zoom in for a close up.  God created you and your husband/wife in His image.  The moment you said your wedding vows you took on a significant role as a married couple.  This is no bit part.  Married couples are to reflect, more than any other relationship on this planet, the relationship between the Father and the Son, the relationship between Christ and his bride the Church.  To the extent that we follow the script, i.e. the roles and behaviors as spelled out in Scripture, we can expect a few curtain calls.

In this analogy a curtain call would be the equivalent of having someone who is not a believer seek you out because they recognize something very special in the way you and your spouse communicate.  They see joy in the way you interact with one another, they see affection and warmth and they perceive a genuineness.  They are inquisitive and you have the privilege of telling them about your Lord and Savior.

Those who refuse to learn their lines might be nominal Christians.  They believe what the Bible says on an intellectual level but it doesn’t affect the way they live their lives.  They show up to most rehearsals and enjoy hanging around with the cast, but it just isn’t worth the effort to change the way they live to learn their lines.

The worlds a stage
For those who refuse to play their part, they may be agnostics or seekers, who sincerely wanting to learn about Christianity.  They are confused by what appears to be hypocritical behavior of so-called Christians. They try to live a reasonably good life excluding what most consider as “respectable” sins such as impatience, discontentment, unthankfulness and a lack of self-control.

Ironically God does not insist that those who have been given a role in life’s play participate.  In some ways there may not be huge difference in the quality of life between those who choose to learn their lines and those that don’t, until the end of the play.

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