Friday, 20 December 2013

Wealth Unclaimed

Most of us have read a story about someone who lived a very modest life style, if not near the poverty level only to learn upon their death that they were sitting on a fortune.  Sometimes the fortune was not obvious, i.e. a rare painting, etc.  At other times the person hoarded their wealth not connecting the dots between their seemingly arduous life style and the wealth they had accumulated.  Occasionally there is the unclaimed lottery ticket.

What if your partner represents a huge fortune that God has graciously given to you.   Instead of recognizing him/her as the treasure that they truly are, you fail to recognize their value.  In fact you’re more inclined to feel exceedingly poor, at least in an emotional sense.  At times you feel lonely even though you might be surrounded by a husband/wife and children.

There are several things going on if this describes you.  First it would seem that your partner is not meeting your expectations, needs and/or desires.  They are most likely not connecting with you on an emotional and/or physical level.  Secondly your spouse’s irritating mannerisms, their total disregard for your feelings, their annoying habits, and/or their personal form of addiction have drained the love out of your marriage.

How on earth do I have the audacity to refer to such a spouse as a treasure?   It is easy IF you are both born again Christians, because if you are it is merely a matter of re-focusing your priorities, allowing God’s desire for your marriage to prevail.  I am NOT saying this is easy but it is at least possible.  Philippians 4:19 tells us that ”God will supply all of our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

The vast majority of all of our problems are heart problems stemming from what is inside of us not what is on the outside.  Here is where the born again part fits in.  As descendants of Adam and Eve we are totally incapable of bringing glory to God without the help of the Holy Spirit.  If a person is not born again they do not have the Holy Spirit as a ready resource to make the heart changes that are so necessary.

As born again believers God will use your spouse’s strengths AND weaknesses as an instrument in His hands to grow you to become more like the Son.   This growth is what is referred to as “sanctification”, a process whereby believers continue to grow to become more like the Son throughout their lifetime with the help of the Holy Spirit.

This is why your spouse represents a hidden treasure.  Our purpose on this earth is to glorify God, not to have all of our needs met.  He has given you your spouse as a means by which you can fulfill God’s plan for your life.


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