Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Created for Good Works

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand.” Ephesians 2:10

I’m going to make a rash assumption that God does not expect that before He calls me home I will have won a Pulitzer Prize, discovered a cure for a rare disease, or written a book that changes the lives of millions.  However todays’ verse would suggest to me that He had some fairly specific things in mind for me to accomplish when He created me. 

So the way I see it, I need to continually seek His will for my life, to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide my decisions and actions, and to love Him and love my neighbor as myself.  Furthermore I assume that because of the experiences that I have had, He wants me to do everything I can to help couples to have a marriage that will glorify Him. 

Did you ever think that one of God’s purposes for you and me is to be a Godly husband/wife.  As a husband God has every right to ask me “Did you love your wife as much as you loved yourself?”  I’m hoping He grades on a curve. 

Since marriage is potentially a showcase for God’s love, a vehicle by which non-believers can see the desirability of God being the third strand in the marriage (as referred to in Ecclesiastes 4:12), perhaps that is His plan for you and me.  Perhaps in a country which is in moral decline we are to be the light on a hill.   

In Colossians we read that we are to be filled with all spiritual wisdom and understanding so that we might live a life worthy of God, please Him in every way, bear fruit in every good work and grow in our knowledge of Him.  We were designed to bear fruit in every good work, may it be so.

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  1. So true...this is our theme verse for MOPS this year, so I've been camping out on it for awhile now. However, great perspective on how to live this out as it pertains to marriage. Thanks for sharing!


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