Monday, 4 November 2013

No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regrets

William Borden was the heir apparent to the Borden dairy fortune.  Upon graduation from high school his father gave him three presents, one of which was a Bible.  After graduating from college William chose to become a missionary.  He died a premature death at age 25 while on his way to China. Supposedly the words “no reserve, no retreat, and no regrets” were written in the back of the Bible that was given to him.

No reserve. I do not know to what William was referring when he penned the first two of the six words that appeared in the back of his Bible.  What these words mean to me however is that as a follower of Christ I am to hold nothing back, to give my all, to make every minute of every day count for Him.  A lofty and unattainable goal – perhaps.   So I must ask myself have I given my all to loving my wife as much as myself? (Ephesians 5:33).  Am I the servant leader, protector, provider that God has called me to be?  (Genesis 1 and 2).  I been relentless in considering (understanding, honoring and delighting in) my wife? (1Peter 3:7)  Ladies you can develop your own check list using Ephesians 5:21-33; 1Peter 3:1-6; and 1Corinthians 7:1-10.

No retreat.  There is no going back, there is no giving up.  Though there will be difficulties to be sure I must not quit but persevere.  No retreat is the concept of what is behind the covenantal approach to marriage which is what Scripture requires.  Marriage is not a contract, a document that allows me to terminate our marriage based on perception of how my wife is fulfilling her part of the contract.  No retreat requires a commitment that is unshakable, I will keep moving forward toward the goal.  The goal is a marriage that glorifies God.

No regrets.  If I hold back from helping to make my marriage all that God wants it to be I will have regrets at the end of my life because I let down not only my wife but the King of Kings.  Just as we are stewards of our “stuff”, i.e. just caretakers for God since He owns everything, I believe I am called to be a steward of our marriage. My wife is a valuable gift that God has given me and God has every right to ask me how I have cared for such a precious gift.  If I were to retreat by getting a divorce or just living a parallel life with my wife I would most definitely have regrets at the end of my life.  If I am to have no regrets I must strive to do all in my power with the help of the Holy Spirit to present to Him a marriage that honors Him.

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