Monday, 1 July 2013

The Use of a Marriage

33 However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband. Ephesians 5:33

An article appeared in World Magazine entitled “The Use of a Baby”.  As the story goes Ben Franklin and an acquaintance were in Paris for the first manned flight (in a hot- air balloon).  The friend scoffed “What use is flying in the air?” to which Franklin answered “Sir, what is the use of a newborn baby?”  The point of Franklin’s satirical query was simply to state that “Babies are not ‘of use’; they just are.”  They are the future.

It seems as though there are many who are asking “what is the use of marriage?”  Between those who choose not to marry i.e. 40% of households will not be represented by a father, those who choose to co-habitate, those who choose to divorce and finally those who find themselves in a loveless marriage ask that question a lot. 

Statistics abound with the devastating short and long-term effects that divorce has on children.  Counseling offices are filled with couples who came from dysfunctional families, claiming irreparable damage done to their psyche. Marriage certainly hasn’t enhanced the lives of all these people.

Yet in my opinion, marriage “could” be the future of the world.  First of all, the obvious, i.e. without marriage there would be fewer children born.  There are some women who look askance at having a child out of wedlock and remaining a single parent by choice.  

Ben Franklin
But what if every man who identifies himself as a Christian honestly attempted to love his wife as much as he loves himself?  What if every wife who considers herself to be born again would respect, honor and revere her husband?  The children who are raised in such an environment would be self-confident and secure.  They would have the advantage of seeing a marriage that reflected the love of God.  This would become the model after which they would pattern their own marriages, and so it would go.

In reality this was God’s plan for marriage.  The relationship between husband and wife was supposed to be a reflection of Christ’s relationship with His bride the church – an all out, other-centered, self-sacrificing love.  What a future we would have

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