Friday, 19 July 2013

Is There More Than One Right Way?

The answer to the question is “It depends on who you ask.”  If you ask the person who firmly believes that there is only one way to do a particular task then the answer is probably no.  Not to be wishy-washy but the answer could also be “yes” or “it depends”.

This question has provided Kathleen and me with many laughs.  Kathleen will say, with an attempt at seeming serious, “You know I’m not opinionated” and then proceed to lay out her way as the best way.  (Often it is the best way)  I still think emptying the dishwasher, bottom rack first makes the most sense.

Preferences and comfort levels come into play.  For example some people are very comfortable making purchases and paying bills on line.  Other people prefer using paper checks and going to the store to make purchases. Some people still prefer hand writing letters and calling people on the phone while there are others who prefer using Face Book and Twitter to communicate.  In these instances it is not a matter of right or wrong, these individuals are just different.  Accepting one another’s differences is healthy.

News flash!  God was well aware of our differences when He brought us together.  He was aware that we would approach circumstances differently; He was aware that we would have different opinions on any number of issues.  He knew that the wiring which He gave us, coupled with heredity and environmental factors could enable us to be a better version of ourselves if we were able to collaborate.

Life can be an exciting adventure if each partner is allowed to play to his/her strengths.  One is good at paying the bills and keeping the important papers organized.  The other is good at household repairs and remaining calm when hit by the storms of life. Why not sit down right now and make a list of how you and your spouse are different, leaving a line between each  entry.  Then go back and under each line item write how that difference could or does make a positive difference in your relationship.

God created us male and female for a reason.

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