Monday, 15 July 2013

Is That All There Is?

Peggy Lee
A number of years ago there was an artist by the name of Peggy Lee.  She popularized a song entitled “Is That All There Is?”.  I’m guessing that there are individuals who wake up some mornings, or many mornings, asking that question.  They are either bored, feeling as though their job or life has little meaning or they are trapped in the tedium of life that at times can seem over whelming.

An article by Winn Collier put things in proper perspective.  It said,”  …every human act, when done as a reflection of (and in submission to) God’s reign in the world, is an intensively spiritual activity. Painting, plumbing, researching diseases, (waitressing, doing construction work, being a mom or managing computer infrastructures are all work that can be (and should be) done to the glory of God and for the bettering of God’s world.”

Wow, what a paradigm shift.  The most mundane of jobs when done as a reflection of God’s love can bring glory to the King of Kings.  If you have any interface with another person or your function in any way serves another you are in a position to be an extension of God’s love.  One way to exhibit God’s love is to do whatever you are doing in a way that would bring honor to God.  If you are in sales be truthful and put the customer’s real needs ahead of your commission.  If you deal with the public be warm, friendly and smile regardless of how grumpy the other person may be.  If you are a parent you have an awesome responsibility, does your child see God in you? It matters not whether you are decorating a cake, digging ditches or operating on someone’s brain your work matters to God.

I would be remiss if I didn’t add that each person that has been “born again” has been blessed with at least one spiritual gift (1Corinthians 12) When you can put that to use in your vocation or avocation you will sense more joy and satisfaction.


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