Monday, 24 June 2013

Firewall for Your Soul

I must admit as someone who writes a blog there is a temptation to pick up a clever phrase and try to turn it into a meaningful message.  Such is the case with today’s title. In computer lingo a firewall is a software or hardware-based network security system that controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic by analyzing the data packets and determining whether they should be allowed through or not, based on a rule set.

Now that I have told you more than you care to know about firewalls you are probably wondering so what is the point?  The “rule set” which should guide our behavior as Christian husbands and wives (not to mention parents) is Scripture.

Practically speaking why is a firewall necessary to protect a marriage?  The simple answer is that we are all self-centered, we all have a sin nature and we are living in a fallen world.  Now wasn’t that helpful?

Let’s get specific.  Sexually speaking men are wired to be stimulated visually, women are not.  There is practically nowhere that a man can go today without being faced with an inappropriate image, including Sunday morning at church.  He needs a firewall.  A wife has a number of close friends who meet once a month.  Eventually the topic becomes husband bashing.  “My husband is always watching sports.” “Well my husband says he has to work late but I know he’s drinking with his buddies.”  “My husband doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body.”  This wife needs a firewall.

Pornography is rampant in our society.  It was once the primary domain of men and is now being increasingly inhabited by women.  We need to have filters on our phones, iPads and computers.  We need to have accountability partners who will ask the tough questions.  We need sophisticated firewalls to protect us from this insidious addiction.

Kids will most likely be exposed to pornography before they are out of elementary school. We all need a firewall.  As parents we need to have a firewall in place that protects our children from seeing and hearing things that are inappropriate given their age; a firewall that helps us to be vigilant regarding their choice of friends, and a firewall that intercepts offensive texts, tweets and other forms of social media.

Our firewalls are comprised of reading God’s Word, praying for deliverance from temptation, praying for wisdom and discernment and finally having Godly men and women in our lives who will pray for us and hold us accountable.

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