Friday, 21 June 2013

Adventure or Struggle?

My wife recently purchased a greeting card that read “Life is an adventure in which God guides you, teaches you, embraces you, blesses you, and encourages you every step of the way.”  Assuming that this is a true statement why are so many people struggling when it comes to their marriages?

The mere fact that we truly do not know what tomorrow will bring makes each new day an adventure.  But the word “adventure” can conjure up something very exciting for some and very disconcerting for others who are uncomfortable with the unknown and prefer routine.  Predictability and routine can be a good thing for some of us but most likely when we were dating there was some spirit of adventure, an exciting time, a time when you wanted to spend more time together and learn more about one another.  I’ll bet there are still some surprises if you look for them

Does God really guide us?  He will if we let Him.  Each and every breath comes from Him. He has given us principles to live by.  Any verse in Scripture that gives us insight into ourselves, our relationship with Him and/or our relations with others provides a guide for daily living.  His Word tells us how we are to respond to most situations.  We are not going to hear an audible voice telling us to go to work today or go to the super market but if we don’t suppress His word we might be inclined to buy one rose for our wives or to make our husband their favorite dinner. 

Does He teach us?  Life with God is like being in a learning laboratory 24/7.  We are presented every day with something we can learn. Often it is our spouse who God uses as the teacher.  He can use our spouse to teach us patience or to learn to be more like His Son.  Do we feel blessed?  If we are a follower of Jesus we are blessed.  It may or may not mean we have material wealth or good health.   But it does mean that if our marriage is built on the Rock we will experience joy.

Does He embrace us?  In the sense that God is in us in the form of the Holy Spirit He has hold of us and He will not let go.  Are we encouraged?  It depends on your point of view.  I suspect we feel encouraged to the extent that we feel blessed, that we feel embraced, that we feel guided, and that we look forward with anticipation to what God has in store for us tomorrow.

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