Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Building Sandcastles

I have never been very artistic.  If it would have been possible to fail third grade art I might have.  I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler and my artistic wife would tell you that though I am not color blind I might as well be.  This word picture may be one of my best attempts at art.

It is through this lens that I filtered a message delivered by one of our pastors yesterday.  The subject he was preaching on had nothing to do with art but he painted a word picture of building sandcastles.  Since life is primarily about me my mind took a momentary deviation, as it is prone to do even during the best of sermons, and I started thinking about some magnificent sandcastles I have seen over the years.  I dwelled if only for a moment on the talent it takes to make such a creation and how inept I am at even that artistic expression.

Fortunately I snapped out of my mindless travel to get the real drift of the message.  The point of the sermon and the application to marriage has everything to do with how we tend to emphasize the temporal over the eternal.  We spend hours building a sandcastle that will be washed away by the evening tide.  In a similar way we spend years working to accumulate enough stuff to satisfy our egos and perceived needs, while neglect “washes” away some of the most important relationships we will ever have.   Much of what we wish for, hope for and do, when filtered through the lens of eternity is no more than building a sandcastle that will be eroded by time.

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