Monday, 17 December 2012

Fruitcake Lovers and Normal People

Every year, right around Christmas, I come out of the closet and admit that I love fruitcake.  I know that I am in the minority.  This much maligned delicacy is the brunt of many jokes and I am offended by them.

I go out of my way to tolerate those of you who put mayonnaise on a lunch meat sandwich.  I try to be understanding of those who quickly reach for the salt before they taste their food.  I look the other way when people I know, love and respect put ketchup on everything.  I could go on but I won’t.

 The point is that we are all different, not right, not wrong, just different.  We are handcrafted by God, not robots off an assembly line.  There are gender differences and personality differences.  We come from different backgrounds.  And some of us are less intelligent than others.

So during a time of year when we celebrate the arrival of God’s Son into the world let’s be more charitable.  Let’s assume that we can learn from one another, that God will allow situations into our lives that draw us to Him or help us to become more like His Son.  Let us be more appreciative of the way that God has made our husband/wife, and how God plans to use that person in our growth.
So if you are married to a fruitcake lover cut them some slack, show them some grace.

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