Monday, 12 November 2012

Made, Picked and Packed by God

   Be devoted to one another …honor one another above yourselves.  Romans 12:10

Have you ever purchased something and inside the package was a slip of paper that read “picked by Angie” or “packed by Hugo”?   This personalized touch makes the employee feel good about what they are doing because it is a form of recognition.

 As I thought about this process my mind took a strange detour.  When you get right down to it each of us was “manufactured” by, “picked” by and “packaged” by the Creator of the Universe. Wouldn’t it be cool if each time a baby was born he or she would come out of their mother’s womb with a note affixed to their forehead that read “ this baby was created by me”, signed God. 

Now I’m sure that God, being God, already gave this a thought and rejected it.  In the first place He has a monopoly on the manufacture of babies.  He holds all the possible patents with regard to making, picking and packing them.  So God, being God, probably assumed that a “post-it-note” on the baby’s head would be redundant.  Secondly, God knew that several thousand years later we would be telling the story of how someone who worked for 3M and who sang in a choir invented Post-it notes.  God has a thing for urban legends.

Of course had God resorted to marketing His wares in the way I suggested, He would have had to say,  “No returns”.  Let’s be honest, as a parent there are usually one or two times in the child’s life that you would rather have a “store” credit and send the kid back.

Fast forward to the time when this incredible, one of a kind, creation meets another of God’s unique creations and they tie the knot.  Here in lies part of the problem.  Because we realize that we are a magnificent product of Almighty God we assume that we are special, failing to acknowledge that we are no more special than everyone else on planet earth.  As a unique creation we are prone to put our desires ahead of everyone else’s desires (James 4;1-2); we are self centered (2Corinthians 5:15) and we want the universe to revolve around us.

Each of us carries God’s signature, His autograph so to speak.  We are a “hand crafted” piece of work, designed by the King of Kings.  The next time you see your husband or wife picture them with a Post-it note on their head, with God’s autograph.  Surely that will give them a value that is irreplaceable.  In addition realize that your spouse is God’s handpicked gift chosen just for you. 

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