Monday, 8 October 2012

Best Gift for Your Child

The best gift you can give your children is not the latest smart phone or most exciting video game.  In fact the financial cost of the gift is zero.  The best gift is to model a marriage that glorifies God.

 First of all such an environment allows a child to feel secure and safe.  In addition they will learn some very important values and life lessons by observing you.

They will see their mom and dad pray together, not just at meal times.  They will get the impression that God is part of the family, not some impersonal being that only resides at church.

They will see affection displayed and hear much laughter – important marital values.

They will see how a husband treats a wife and vice versa.

They will see how adults can disagree about a subject, come together in prayer, talk calmly about their point of view, develop a list of alternatives solutions that would be workable and agree on what approach to take initially.  They may agree to re-visit the decision, if possible, in a specific time frame.  This will demonstrate a very healthy way of resolving conflict.

Your children will feel comfortable asking friends over because they won’t be concerned about being embarrassed by parents who argue in front of their friends.

Your children will observe what it means for two adults to be other-centered; being willing to put their partner’s wants, desires and needs ahead of their own.

Because you go out together with some regularity, even if it is only to go for a walk, your children will perceive that you enjoy each other’s company and treasure some alone time.

The children know they are loved unconditionally by such a mother and father and it is therefore easier for them to grasp the concept of a loving God.

The children are also the recipients of Godly administered discipline. The discipline is consistent and the children are not able to play one parent against the other. And while the child complains they are given very specific parameters about what is aloud and what is not they again feel more secure.  Dad and mom knows who their friends are and they know where they are and what they are doing most of the time.

And you don’t even have to wrap it!

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