Friday, 14 September 2012

Expect God to Help in His Time - Part II

In my last blog I quoted from a piece written by Elaine Creasman entitled “Lord, Why Won’t You Help Me?”  Her willingness to be transparent made it difficult to ignore the obvious messages that were as applicable to me as well as to her – and maybe you.

I could resonate with her when she questioned why, if God is all knowing, ever present and all powerful, He doesn’t deliver me instantaneously that from which I have asked relief.   This is troubling particularly when I know He can deliver me immediately and what I am asking for will only make me more like His Son.

This is like trying to lay a guilt trip on God – who am I kidding.  As a loving father I learned that it wasn’t wise to just give my children everything they asked for even if it were possible.  Through parenting I learned that my children valued things much more if they had to work for them.  I didn’t want my children to treat me as though I was a vending machine and come to me only when they wanted something.

The parable found in Luke 18 (verses 1-8) about the persistent widow is a reminder that I am not to give up, God wants me to be dependent on Him, He wants me to trust Him and He wants me to expect that He will honor a prayer that is consistent with His will and purpose.

Some of you may be in difficult marriages and you have sought God’s help.  You know He hates divorce (Malachi 2:16) and yet you are not sensing God’s working on your behalf.

As in Elaine’s case God may be using conflict and your efforts to work through them in order to help make you a better wife or husband and a maturing Christian.  Maybe as in Elaine’s case you aren’t actually expecting God to help you.  Maybe you are asking God to change your husband or wife when it is you that God wants to change.  James 4:3 might suggest that we aren’t receiving what we are asking for because our motives are wrong.

Seek Godly counsel from mature Christians, not from those who will affirm you and tell you how awful you have it.  You don’t need a pity party right now but a Godly perspective on what you can do, with God’s help, to improve your situation.



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