Friday, 20 July 2012

Is Your Marriage More Valuable than Your Car?

Dr. Bob Snyder, author of “Lessons Learned on the Journey”, and one of my favorite people stimulated my thinking with his recent post entitled “Faith Maintenance”.  Actually that is another way of saying I’m going to plagiarize some of his work in writing this blog.  He opened his blog by saying, "The opening paragraph in my car's service history booklet says the following:
Regularly maintaining your vehicle is the best way to protect your investment. Proper maintenance is essential to your safety and the safety of your passengers. It will also reward you with more economical, trouble-free driving, and help to reduce air pollution.

The regular evaluation, troubleshooting and attending to the needs of my car yields much benefit.”  He then goes on to talk about the importance of maintaining his faith and the faith maintenance check list would look like.
This triggered a number of simultaneous thoughts, a painful experience, but I digress.

If our car is making a funny noise or if the ride does not seem quite right we have it repaired.  Most people change oil at least every six months and get annual State inspections where required.  This is far more than most couples do in terms of paying attention to their marriage.
Unfortunately our partners don’t come with a warning light to signal trouble.  There are no stickers affixed to their heads to notify us that an inspection is due.  So what might be some indicators that some attention is due?

·       We are getting more irritable with one another.
·       We rarely talk about anything but kids & chores.
·       Intimacy in or out of the bedroom has noticeably declined.
·       We haven’t been on a date since the weekend of Hurricane Irene.
If you were to go to the only instruction manual that comes with marriage – that would be the Bible you might find what is at the heart of the problems:
·       Husbands are to love their wives more than ESPN, actually the Bible says more than themselves – Ephesians 5:33
·       Wives are to respect their husbands, nagging is not a spiritual gift.  Ephesians 5:33
·       Husbands are to know their wives exceedingly well – 1Peter 3:7
·       We are to only say to one another that which is helpful for building them up according to their needs – Ephesians 4:29
Whether your car is three months old or ten years old you attend to problems as they arise.  Most people have routine maintenance done on their automobiles at least annually.  The message should be clear seek help as troubles begin to arise in your marriage.  Attend at least one marriage seminar a year.  Attend marriage classes, read a good marriage book together and if you are not already doing so begin praying together.

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