Friday, 22 June 2012

What's At the Heart of It All?

In my previous blog – Part I, I suggested that because of our sinful nature we invariably put someone or something on the throne of our lives in place of God.  Often I put me on the throne of my life.  There are times when my happiness, my fulfillment, and/or my enjoyment trump anything that competes with it.  Before becoming a Christian, I played golf on Sunday morning.  After I became a Christian I still wanted to play golf on Sunday morning.  At that time playing golf with my father meant more to me than going to church.  The expression that is used is “idol of the heart”.

Something becomes an idol when I allow it to control my behavior, particularly when it is something that is sinful.  For example I love chocolate.  I eat it when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m celebrating, and when I’m discouraged, when I’m anxious – well you get the picture.  Now there is nothing wrong with eating chocolate but when, out of my  emotional state, I seek chocolate as a comfort food, my sin nature has kicked in.  I should be turning to God, not chocolate. Enough about me, let’s focus on you.

Perhaps your work is your idol.  You get accolades for how well you do your job.  You feel in control, you feel confident, and you feel a sense of achievement you feel no where else.  So you work an extra ten hours a week instead of spending it with your family.

Maybe your idol is your kids.  You are determined to find what it is they excel in and give them every advantage to develop it even if it means that you spend half of your free time driving to some lesson or some event.  You live vicariously through your child.  Their ability to excel in school, in sports or at playing the piano means the world to you.  So much so that you neglect your husband and you begin to drift apart.

Perhaps you are obsessively compulsive about having a clean house such that you yell at the children for leaving a toy out.  Maybe you keep your car in show room condition and get irrational if I bird makes a deposit on the hood.

Maybe you come home from a hard days work and just want peace and quiet.  When your son comes screaming into the room you send him to his room for a time out, though he was just being a boy.  At that moment your peace and quiet were more important to you than bonding with your son.

I could go on but I’m sure you would prefer that I don’t because I might eventually get to what you idolize.  Life always works best when God is on the throne, don’t rob Him  of His rightful place.

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