Friday, 25 May 2012

Personality Quirks

Quirks and habits we all have them.  Prior to getting married my wife confided in me that she was a little “OC” (obsessive compulsive) which may have proved to be an understatement.  Her “OCness” has produced some humorous moments for us.  I must be quick to admit that some of her compulsive behaviors have been an incredible blessing.  She can organize like no one you have ever seen.  I can’t organize with an instruction manual and a full week to get the job done.  However, once organized, I can keep it that way.  We have decided that we are definitely better together.

Over time we have discovered that I have “a few” OC tendencies of my own, which when discovered once again provide several moments of levity.

Often personality quirks become the basis for irritation, aggravation and frustration even if at first they are what attracted us to our spouse to be.  How surprised do you think God is that you are married to your current spouse?  How shocked do you think God is that your differences can be annoying?

Let’s assume for the moment that God is all knowing, all loving and all powerful.  Why would someone who has those attributes allow two people, who suddenly appear to be mismatched, to get married.  In part the answer is found in Romans 8:29 “For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son…”  The process for becoming more like Christ is called sanctification.  Your husband/wife is one of God’s favorite instruments when it comes to shaping you into the image of His Son. 

I get almost irrational when my computer doesn’t do exactly what I think it should do when I think it should do it.  When I peel back all the psychological layers of my outburst my behavior is pure, unadulterated sin.  My need to have everything operate according to the “law of me”.  So recently my wife ever so gently and lovingly pointed out since God is in control of all things, which would include our computer, then when it is not working correctly it is actually God with whom I am displeased.  I sheepishly thanked her for that insight. Have I gotten better – a little.  But if I do have a hissy fit over something that isn’t going according to my plan it does bring me up short.  It will take time but I will get there.

This is an example of how a quirk can become an object lesson, one which will help me to  be conformed to the image of the Son.

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