Friday, 10 February 2012

Who Can Rescue You from You

I’m going to assume that God has a fairly good grasp of human nature. It was God who inspired James to write “What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?” (James 4:1)

If you and your husband/wife are struggling is it possible that your expectations for marriage are not being met? Expectations start out as desires. Are you unhappy because your husband is totally inattentive and he treats you like the maid? Is his version of date night an evening with the kids at ChuckECheese? Does he seem to care more about watching sports than spending time with you? Are you unhappy because you thought your wife wanted to be intimate as frequently as you did? Do you feel as though you are a home improvement project, that your wife is always nagging you? Do you resent that all the attention you used to get seems to be directed at your children?

So the question becomes why is this happening? Is it possible that your desires for your life don’t fit God’s plan for your life? Perhaps you are “kicking against the goad”. This expression usually refers to a donkey that kicks against the cart to which he is attached, only to discover that he is kicking against a sharp object that has been mounted to the front of the cart. Needless to say the donkey doesn’t do that very often. God may be using the difficulties you are experiencing to bring you to the end of yourself, to make you seek Him and His plan for your life, to bring you to the realization that you are kicking against the goads.

His plan will require that you become other-centered instead of self-centered. It will require that you serve one another, put his/her deal ahead of your deal. It will require yielding your desires and expectations to God’s.

Giving your heart to God, getting on the same page and seeking His will for your life will make all the difference. Your marriage will experience a joy that you may have never known, an intimacy richer than you can imagine and a love that will continue to grow. There will still be some difficulties to be sure, but you will be facing them together with a totally different perspective.

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