Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Grace Card

The other night my wife and I watched a movie entitled The Grace Card. It will never go down as a classic, must see movie but it had a very good Christian message. And while the actors will never win an Oscar there were some memorable scenes. The reason I am writing about this movie at all is on the basis of one line toward the end of the film. “God knows what lessons we need to learn and He supplies the teacher (s)”.

If you were like me, you were an average student and reasonably obedient. Most of us respected our teachers, even though we tagged them with some unflattering names. And did what we were asked to do, particularly in my era when the teacher could apply the bottom of a tennis shoe to my gluteus maximus. In fact if my memory serves me correctly, though it rarely does these days, I learned the most from those teachers who I considered the strictest. I had a French teacher who scared the mess out of me and an English teacher who I was convinced had a broom parked in the teacher’s lot. They were two of the best teachers I ever had.

Quite often the teacher God chooses to use today is my wife. After all who knows better what lessons I may need to learn, who knows better whether or not I am doing my homework, and who knows better whether or not there has been a permanent change? And because my wife loves me, she grades on the curve.

Here’s the point – I know you were hoping I would get to it sooner or later. Wouldn’t it make an incredible difference in your marriage if you viewed those annoying habits of your spouse as a message from God that He is trying to teach you something? Wouldn’t life be much easier if you viewed your differences as being in a learning laboratory where those differences were there to make you examine your heart?

To be sure God uses other teachers, i.e. illness, unemployment, broken relationships, demanding bosses, etc. Sad as it may be, most of us learn more in times of struggle, disappointment and hardship. But the sooner we recognize that God has a purpose in our pain and we seek to obey Him, the sooner we “might” experience relief and His grace.

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