Friday, 27 January 2012

The Worst Day of the Year

I will rejoice in the God of my salvation.
Habakkuk 3:18
You will be happy to know that the worst day of the year, according to English psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall has just passed. In their blog Moments with You, Family Life shared the following:

If you woke up feeling especially blah this morning, you're in good company. January 24 is now officially "the most depressing day of the year."

Those are the findings of Dr. Cliff Arnall, an English psychologist who specializes in seasonal disorders at the University of Cardiff in Wales. His formula for analyzing such things includes seven variables--the weather, personal debt, monthly salary and even the amount of time since Christmas, among other things--that determine people's feelings of happiness.

He figures January 24 is when credit-card bills start rolling in, reminding us how we got carried away again with our holiday spending. By now many of our New Year's resolutions have fallen by the wayside or at least been riddled with pockets of compromise.

Maybe he's right. Maybe you really are feeling it today. But what Dr. Arnall may not understand is that our joy and contentment doesn't have to be taken away by the bleak clouds of winter or the long wait until our next vacation. As followers of Christ, a settled sense of well-being and belonging can be ours no matter what our set of circumstances.

fig tree
Hear again the words of a man who knew what to do with a January 24 kind of feeling: "Though the fig tree should not blossom and there be no fruit on the vines, though the yield of the olive should fail and the fields produce no food, though the flock should be cut off from the fold and there be no cattle in the stalls, yet I will exult in the LORD, I will rejoice in the God of my salvation. The Lord GOD is my strength" (Habakkuk 3:17-19).

God is there with you every day of the year.

It is incredibly important to truly believe that God is with you every day of the year and that He is your strength. Unfortunately when we face trials it is easy to doubt that God is in the midst of your trials and that He has a purpose for them. Unemployment, illnesses, strained relationships, financial difficulties, sexual tensions, etc. all challenge us to remember how much He loves us and how He wants what is only best for us. Seek Him in prayer.

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