Monday, 26 December 2011

Teachable Moments for Kids

I recently read a blog entitled “Who’s Raising Your Kids?” It went on to say that TV, computers, social media, texting and cell phones could be dangerous to the health of your child. Why? Each of these media gives unfiltered messages that are shaping your child emotionally and in some ways physically.

As parents you have been given a gift from God. You will have a relatively brief time in which to help mold and shape your son or daughter into a person that will glorify God and who will fulfill His purpose for them.

Here is where my biases kick in. As parents many of us have done a very poor job, even though we may have tried to do our best. One of the most influential learning laboratories for children is to witness a God glorifying marriage. Such a marriage is based on a covenant, i.e. there are no exit strategies. This provides incredible security for a child who sees many of their friends being raised by one parent.

In a marriage that glorifies God children see two adults, who sacrifice for one another; who are affectionate; who pray together; who display a strong set of Christian values; and who handle conflict in a way that pleases the Lord. Such parents are quick to express their love for their child and to establish some firm boundaries. Such actions on the part of parents speak much louder than the cacophony of sound coming from our culture.

Finally and equally important the father is clearly the spiritual head of the household. A number of large churches nationally have come to the conclusion that the Church has failed families. Many parents rely on the church to train up their child spiritually, given one hour a week in Sunday school to accomplish this mission. Statistics reveal that children brought up this way are most likely to leave the church before graduating from college. In part this occurs because the child never understood what they believed and why. They were unable to defend their faith to peers and professors who belittle their beliefs.

Sadly few of us had fathers who were able to model this for us. Secondly, most men feel ill equipped to handle the spiritual the development of their children. Often the wife is better equipped and the husband feels threatened. Either find a church where they have adopted a “faith at home” philosophy such as those who embrace “HomePointe” or purchase many of the good study guides that are available. One for younger children is the Long Story Short book by Marty Machowski. It focuses on the Old Testament. The New Testament version will come out in the fall of 2012.

Life provides parents with many teachable moments – use them wisely.

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