Monday, 5 December 2011

Can We Talk - Part I

Lack of sexual desire can be caused by several different factors. Physical health problems, mental health problems, and substance abuse are some of the most common reasons people lack sexual desire. Lack of sexual desire can be very damaging to a marriage so it is important to explore what the causes may be.

As a Christian it is important to remember that sex is a gift that God has given to married couples, and it is intended for pleasure in the context of marriage. It is unfortunate that many couples become resigned to having a less than fulfilling sex life rather than have an open and frank discussion.

Some physical health issues that decrease a person’s sexual desire include hormonal problems and many chronic illnesses. Sometimes the side effects of medications can decrease a person’s libido. Many anti-depressants have this side effect. Sleep problems can also impact a person’s overall functioning, including sexual desire. Fatigue is another barrier to a healthy sex life.

Mental health problems can include factors such as depression. Depression causes people to lose interest in many things, including sexual activity. Anxiety can also interfere with sexual desire. Chronic stress and feeling overwhelmed with life can be another factor. When people are feeling like they have too much to do, too little time, or not enough money, sex can move to a lower spot on the priority list.

Substance abuse issues also impact sexual desire. Chronic and excessive use of alcohol can make it impossible for people to maintain sexual desire. Some substances impact sexual desire in the short-term while others impact it in the long term.

Lack of sexual desire can be related to relationship problems as well. If you are angry and feel resentful toward your partner, sex may be one of the last things you want to do. However, lack of sexual contact is likely to cause more damage to the relationship.

If you are experiencing a lack of sexual desire it is important to see your doctor for a complete physical. It can be a warning sign that your body’s chemistry or major systems is having some problems. It may be an easy fix. If you receive a clean bill of health, consider therapy.

Therapy can help determine if there are any underlying mental or emotional issues impacting your sexual desire. Couples therapy can also be helpful to assist both partners in dealing with sexual issues. However, it is critical to select a therapist who specializes in dealing with this issue – shop around. It is important not to wait, as lack of sexual contact can negatively impact your relationship in the long-term.

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