Friday, 7 October 2011

Sowing & Reaping

“An entrepreneur starts with an idea for a unique, new product. He/she lays plans for a start-up business, calculating revenues and expenses. He meets with consultants, accountants, and attorneys. He works hard to sell the concept to banks and investors to raise capital. In time the individual leases space, purchases equipment, and hires employees. Finally they are ready to begin. They work hard, pouring themselves into the business, determined to make it a success.

Does the person now merely sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruit of his/her labor? Not likely. They work harder than ever, while conjuring up ideas for improving efficiency, bettering customer relations, bolstering profits.

If a marriage is to last a lifetime, it requires the same level of devotion and energy. Both partners must give 100 percent. Each must be available to the other when needed, fully present, ready to listen, to talk, to act. Both spouses must pour their heart and soul into this enterprise, making whatever sacrifice necessary to ensure success.” Taken from
Married for Life

Maybe you can’t relate to being an entrepreneur but think of something you do that consumes your attention, something that you may be passionate about and/or something that you enjoy immensely. Whether it might be caring for your children, watching your favorite sports team, taking a yoga class or volunteering at a senior center, something “floats your boat” as the expression goes.

Throw the same intensity into your marriage. In some sense of the word you have more invested in a marriage than the entrepreneur does in his/her business. The Bible calls husbands to love their wives as they love themselves. (Eph.5:33) Now that’s intensity (actually that’s next to impossible). Wives are called to respect their husbands (defined as notices him, regards him, honors him, prefers him, venerates, and esteems him; and that she defers to him, praises him, and loves and admires him exceedingly) That’s devotion to the max.

There is an old cliché that says, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right.” (It was first used by Moses as he and I crossed the Red Sea together.) A great marriage, one that glorifies God, is definitely worth doing right.

“Whoever sows generously will also reap generously.” 2Corinthians 9:6

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