Friday, 29 July 2011

The Big "W"

Children can bring you more joy than you can ever imagine. They are truly one of God’s greatest gifts. The folks at Family Life have discovered however that there are times when your children are apt to have a significantly negative effect on the quality of your marriage. These times occur at the bottom points on the “W”.
                  Elementary       Empty
     Birth        School           Nest 
       Pre-school    teenager      

Obviously a lot depends on the temperament of your child but as a generalization your marriage is most vulnerable during the times when your child is the most in need of care and attention. Time for intimacy is at a premium as the physical demands on the mom during the preschool years can be overwhelming. The emotional demands that can accompany the teenage years can also put a strain on the couple, often creating tension between the husband and wife.

It is at these times in particular that you need to be very intentional about spending quality time together. Be sure to build in a minimum of two date nights a month, one a week is preferable. It may be nothing more than going for a walk or going on a picnic. It might be closeting yourself in the house and playing Scrabble or going out to dinner or to a play.

These seasons in life provide an abundance of topics for prayer. You may be praying that the Lord will keep your highly inquisitive two-year old from maiming himself. Or it may be asking the Lord to protect your teenage daughter from making some unwise choices. In addition it is important that you pray for one another. As the challenges of parenthood mount it is important to bath your partner in prayer, asking God for the wisdom and discernment necessary to make wise parental decisions.

If you have never learned to laugh at yourself or at life in general it would be a good to start before you reach one of the bottom points on the “W”.

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