Friday, 8 April 2011

I Dare You to...

Some of you who may have been more adventurous as a kid probably played “I Dare You”. I dare you to put a rubber snake in the teacher’s desk, as we got older the requests got a little bolder, i.e. I dare you to tell Tammy that you like her. It may have even escalated into far more riskier behaviors. Now that you are more mature and married – well at least more mature, perhaps you can put that old game to a new use.

I Dare You to Dream

Plan a date night even if it means sitting alone at home with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite beverage. Each of you take a sheet of paper and take 15 minutes to write down your dreams and aspirations. The ground rule is - there are to be NO negative comments. Each of you share your list and see if there is one thing on your spouse’s list that you can help them achieve and vice versa. Perhaps one of you wants to take a photography class – how can you make that a reality? Maybe the other wants to walk along the Appalachian Trail – can you make that happen?

I Dare You to Grow
Another version of this game, and a bit riskier, would be to allow your spouse to speak into your life and vice versa if they are willing. The ground rules would be that you give one another permission to make some suggestions on ways you might grow. No getting angry, no getting upset and no retaliating. (Now we’ll see just how mature you’ve become) Each of you is to select one or two such growth areas for the other. Share them and pick one to work on over the next twelve months. It may be something like lead family devotions at least twice a week for a year or join an accountability group, etc.

Dreaming, hoping, planning and growing together are great ways to keep your marriage vibrant.

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