Friday, 10 December 2010

The World is God's Theatre

In a recent article in World Magazine Marvin Olasky used a very interesting phrase. He said “The world is God’s theatre and our classroom.” That got me to thinking which doesn’t come all that easy.

To expand on Olasky’s analogy it would mean that God wrote the script of this one act play called life. He wrote the beginning and the end. He wrote the plots and sub-plots and He knows how the story will end. He wrote the part that each and every one of us would play. He is directing and  producing the play. He is the casting Director, deciding who will get exactly which part. He didn’t require try outs because he created us to play the part that we have been given. He gave us the looks, the intelligence, the gifts, talents, skills and abilities that would enable us to play the part successfully. He designed the sets, i.e. He constructed the world inch by inch to His specifications. The oceans, the placement of the equator, and all the land masses are arranged just the way He wants them for now.

Not only is the world God’s theatre but it is our classroom or acting class to carry over the analogy. It is where we learn the skills required to play the role we have been given. It is where we can learn more about what the Director expects of us. It is where we can rehearse our part, learn our lines and get into the character that the Director /Writer created for us.

So what does this have to do with marriage? First I’m becoming more and more convicted that most of us don’t understand or acknowledge who God really is. If we were an actor desperate for work we would do almost anything to even try out for a bit part. The fact that we have been personally chosen by the Director, Producer, and Casting Director should make us desirous to please him in every way possible. He intentionally wrote us into his play. How can we argue with Him about the role He designed for us? It is out of gratitude, respect, love and awe for the Director that we should want to do anything He asks of us, even if it means putting our spouse’s needs above our own.

When we approach Him with the humility and reverence He deserves we will play our part well even if it isn’t the part we would have chosen.

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