Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Essential Ingredient

What one word describes the one essential ingredient of a good, Godly, healthy, perseverant marriage? I’ll bet you won’t get it in 30 guesses.

According to Paul Tripp, noted Christian author and lecturer, the essential ingredient is worship. He contends “a marriage of unity, understanding and love is not rooted in romance but in worship. (For) worship is first your identity before it is ever your activity…We are inescapably worshippers… We all worship something. The worship that shapes your life does not take place on Sunday but on Monday through Saturday.” 

He goes on to say “We live in little moments. If God doesn’t rule us in little moments God is not in your life. The character of your life is set by 10,000 little moments, not by four or five huge events. God is a God of little moments; He enters them with truth and grace.”

Luke 6:43 states “…each tree is recognized by its own fruit…out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.” Thus the heart is the causal core of our personhood. Our words and behaviors are caused by what is inside of us, not what is on the outside of us. When we think the source of our problem is outside of us, we stop seeking God’s help. The source of our motivations thoughts, emotions, and will is the heart.

Unfortunately this is getting a little clearer and a little personal. So anything that influences my response or my behavior, particularly in one of life’s small moments, is what I am worshipping at that time. And if I am worshiping anyone or anything more than I am worshipping God then my response will most likely not be loving, kind and other centered. So if I ignore my wife when the ball game is on, or I lose my cool because the computer is malfunctioning, or I forget to take out the trash though I have been asked umpteen times, I am worshipping at the altar of me.

Conversely if I am worshipping God my wife would come before the ball game, I would approach the computer malfunction as a problem to be solved and the trash would be out the door without my wife having to remind me. So it is in the mundane that I show my allegiance to God. It is during those times when I put my needs ahead of someone else’s that I am worshiping me; when I give a few dollars a week in the collection plate I am making a statement about what is important to me, when I work long hours and neglect my family I am telling everyone what is most important to me.

Was this posting supposed to be comforting?

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