Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Rippling Affect of Sin

Most likely you have heard the term “victimless crime”. This is supposedly an act which is considered illegal but where no one “really” is injured physically or materially. I think many of us have the same attitude with regard to sin. I believe many of us think there are victimless sins such as laziness. At the risk of shattering the illusions that many have of my near perfection let me share a personal example.

I tend to get highly irritated at things and indirectly at clueless people. For example when I click on my internet connection icon I expect to be connected to the internet. I do not appreciate the message “no server found”. Like it is my fault the server is lost, I didn’t misplace it. And, it is best to keep your distance if I am attempting anything that requires mechanical aptitude unless of course you want to hear my diatribe regarding the moron who designed the instructions which I am unable to follow. Then there are those people who I perceive are oblivious to the fact that anyone else is taking up space on this planet. Consider the perfectly healthy woman who is pulling into a handicapped parking place while talking on her cell phone. At such times what I am muttering under my breath would not be words fit for Christian radio.

Okay already so what do my shortcomings, as few as they may be, have to do with victimless sins and marriage? First of all there are no victimless sins. I had only been married a few weeks when I had one of my mini tantrums aimed at our computer. I glanced over to see the look of horror on the face of my bride. She knew that I was not angry with her BUT she said that my anger “splattered” over on to her. What a great phrase. How often does our irritation, anger, guilt, jealousy, or pride spill over on to our loved ones? How about the wife of the husband who spends many an evening watching pornographic material on the internet, does she consider that a victimless sin? The point is we don’t sin in isolation; there is a rippling affect that manifests itself somehow, someway in our behavior that ultimately touches those around us. When as a married couple we let the sun go down on our anger as we go to bed and turn away from each other is there a victim – you bet, we both lose.

Bottom line is that all sin is first and foremost an affront to God but rest assured someone else is also affected.

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