Monday, 30 August 2010

What's So Funny About Marriage?

Mark Gungor, a former pastor, spends much of his time conducting a seminar called “Laughing Your Way to a Better Marriage” and he has written a book by the same title.

Laughter is an important component of any healthy marriage. Ed Welch of the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation wrote a recent article on how to enhance your marriage through laughter. ( ) Laughter is known to have great therapeutic value.

How we respond to a situation, circumstance or event is a choice. Ed is consciously working to choose laughter as his response to a seemingly negative event. He ended his article with a beautiful example of how we can turn a disaster into a victory.

My wife and I were getting ready to leave on a vacation for two weeks. In preparation, I over-watered a large jade plant, thinking that would last it for our entire trip. I couldn’t remember if I had drilled a hole in the bottom of its large pot, but I was in a hurry and wagered that I never did. Then I went off and started packing. Around a minute later both Sheri and I walked by the jade plant and watched a river – about 3 feet wide and 10 feet long – flowing from the pot. It made me think of the water flowing from Ezekiel’s temple. I had, indeed, over-watered. Normally, I would get frustrated by something like this, especially given that we had to leave very soon. But, as the perpetrator, all I could do was to find some rags and wait for my wife’s response. (Did I mention that we just installed new hardwood floors?)
Her response? She laughed. I had told her earlier in the day about my updated thoughts on laughing, so she laughed. Her laugh was as phony as could be, but it said “if you think a little water on our new hardwood floors, which was a result of you hurrying around and not really thinking about what you were doing, which might leave a stain and send water into the basement ceiling, could cause me to waver in my affection for you then you have another thing coming.” It was the best start of a vacation ever.

If you and your husband/wife can learn to laugh together at what life throws at you, it will transform your marriage. Not too long ago I broke a good glass and I was visibly upset at being so clumsy. My wife said “It is only a glass – get over it” and we both started to laugh. Now that I think about it she says that to me a lot “get over it” and we do laugh a great deal.

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