Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Balance Beam

To say that Francis Chan had a difficult childhood would be like saying that Mother Teresa was an okay person. In the following video clip he challenges people who believe the best way to serve God is to be cautious, to be conservative, and to eliminate risks.

Playing it safe doesn’t serve God and it most certainly doesn’t guarantee that you will be happy or content. In fact I contend that some of the most unhappy couples are sitting in church on Sunday morning. They are playing it safe. By safe I mean they refuse to be transparent, they deny that things are not going well, and the last thing they are willing to do is to acknowledge to someone in the church that they are struggling. They may be resigned to thinking their marriage can’t improve. They are holding on to that balance beam for dear life, hoping they won’t fall off.

If this describes you, don’t settle for safe. Ask for help, attend a Family Life Weekend to Remember, go to a Christian counselor, or find a couple who has a God glorifying relationship and ask them to mentor you. DVDs such as “iMarriage”, “What Did You Expect” and Staying in Love provide great insights on how to bring joy back into your marriage and bring honor to the Creator.

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