Friday, 23 July 2010

NIH Confirms that the Bible is Right

Dr. Terri Orbuch was commissioned to do a study by the National Institutes of Health, the nation’s medical research agency. The study which began in the 1980’s was originally scheduled to last a few years, the topic - “the early years of marriage”. In fact the grant has been extended for over 20 years, during which Dr. Orbuch has followed the same 746 individuals (started with 373 couples). A number of the couples divorced, some found new partners and remarried, but the individuals remained in her data base and part of her study. Her book Five Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage From Good to Great is a recap of her findings.

The last chapter of the book summarizes, among other things, “what Husbands need”. She writes, “One of the first and most astonishing (emphasis mine) findings from my NIH research was that the presence of affective affirmation plays a major role in husbands’ happiness over time.” Upon reading this, two thoughts rushed to my pea size brain and almost collided.

My first thought was how interesting, the nation’s medical research agency lends its approval to what the Apostle Paul wrote over two thousand years ago in Ephesians 5:33. My second thought was, I wonder how many millions of dollars we spent to prove that God knew what he was talking about on the subject of marriage.

I wonder if the NIH would commission me to study the effects of adultery on marriage. I can tell you in advance that one of my conclusions would be that committing adultery is not advisable. Or maybe I could get a grant to study how being loved makes a wife feel and the effect it has on a marriage. Once again I could be accused of biasing my results, having read God’s Word on the subject. I’ll bet my findings would indicate that every time I identified a wife that felt that her husband loved her as much as he loved himself I would find a very happy and contented wife. How about being paid to monitor the affect of going to bed angry with your spouse as it effects intimacy? I am beginning to see my retirement plan unfold before my eyes.

I would suggest that before you go out and buy a self-help book on marriage you dust off the one that is sitting on your coffee table and go to the Book of Ephesians, chapter five, verses 21 through 33. It stands to reason that if God is who He says he is; if Scripture is God’s Word; and if God is the creator of marriage then you probably need look no further for how to have a great marriage.

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