Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Stop the World I Want to Get Off

Two very alarming articles were printed in the past week. One entitled “The Case Against Marriage” appeared in Newsweek. It was written by two women who basically contend that the institution of marriage is no longer necessary because the primary reasons women married in the past are no longer valid. Women continue to become more dominant in the work world, and it is quite acceptable to have a child without a father in the picture.

The second article entitled “Who Needs Fathers Anyway?” appeared in World Magazine. The title is misleading since the article proceeds to lay out the devastation left in the wake of divorce and single parenting. In her article Ms. Segelstein supports the following observation, “what one generation accepts the next embraces.” She cites the acceptance of divorce and having children out of wedlock as two prime examples.

Just in case anyone in their right mind thinks that there are no casualties in this war consider the following information that comes out of The Heritage Foundation: “When compared to similar children raised by two married biological parents, children raised in single-parent homes are more likely to fail in school, abuse drugs or alcohol, commit crimes, become pregnant as teens, and suffer from emotional and behavioral problems.”

Mark 10:9 says, ”Therefore what God has joined together (that would be marriage), let man not separate (that would be divorce).” Make no mistake we are in a war. The first salvo may have been the passage of no fault divorce laws. Now most states are contemplating passage of some bill that would allow for a perversion of marriage as God would define it.

Apparently a recently released Pew Research Center report shows that 41% of American births were to unmarried women.

“What one generation accepts the next embraces”, it sure seems that way. Here’s the good news – in the end God wins. I cheated and read the end of the  Book.

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