Friday, 28 May 2010

Romance is an Art - or is It?

I recently read that “romance is an art.” As one who consistently scores low on psychological scales that measure such things as creativity and artistic ability, this does not bode well for me. My “roommate” is an artist and when I consider her painstaking attention to detail and the skill it takes to turn a canvas into a vibrant work of art I thought “goodbye romance”.

Then I had another thought – hey thoughts don’t usually come that close together for me. I recalled some trips that we have made to museums. I remembered some “works of art” that looked like something I turned in to my third grade teacher. I remember one work that was nothing but a pile of rocks, and another that was made of light bulbs. Needless to say this buoyed my spirits, perhaps art is in the eyes of the beholder and my flawed attempts at being romantic might be seen as master pieces in the eyes of the one I love.

In an attempt to be romantic, on our first date I brought Kathleen a piece of frozen tofu mounted on a chop stick. Behind that is a very long story and her initial reaction probably matched yours when you read that. Fortunately I also had one red rose on the front seat of the car.

I am coming to the conclusion that anything that is an attempt to convey “I love you”, or “I’ve been thinking about you” is a form of romance. It might be a note left on a pillow, or a dry erase message left on the bathroom mirror. It might be one rose or an impromptu picnic. It might be just a call just to say how much you care (that could be a song). Candle light dinners, strolls on the beach, a hot oil massage, a piece of gourmet chocolate or watching “Sleepless in Seattle” for the third time can all contribute to sustaining that intimacy that so often couples neglect after they have been married for a year or two.

Often there is wisdom in old cliches like “it’s the thought that counts.” They got to be old for a reason. If you tend to be romantically challenged as I am you could even resort to putting “romantic ideas” in your search engine and you’ll get a plethora of ideas.

What are some of your favorite expressions of love?

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