Monday, 17 May 2010

The Marriage Referee - You Have to be Kidding

I must be honest; I am not a television watcher per se.  I was an ardent fan of the evening version of the Cooking Channel when they actually cooked and shared recipes.  While I think Guy Fieri is engaging I don’t particularly enjoy watching him drive around the country and eat.  Where do you apply for that job?  Then there is the Iron Chef whose producers expect me to believe that the chefs learn of the secret ingredient at the same time as I do.  That is about as believable as me trying to convince you that having a root canal is a pleasurable experience.  So it was not without some angst that I said to myself “self you need to watch that new TV show “The Marriage Ref”.
If you are not familiar with the format the show has a host who introduces three celebrities who along with himself judge the merits of a domestic dispute.  If the episode I saw is typical this is meant to be a comedy.  The celebrities tend to be comedians and the disputes tend to be over trivial matters.  The partners make their case hoping to sway the judges to agree with their respective position.  A decision is rendered on the spot and the participating couples appear to be reasonably good sports.

A Nielson Rating above zero would be a travesty, “Wrestle-mania” would be more intellectually stimulating.   Why would a couple go on national TV to air an inane dispute over whether they should have meat loaf or cucumber sandwiches for dinner?  And then have four people, two of whom who have divorced over lesser issues, make fun of you. 

As someone who was around when the Red Sea was parted, I understand that my view may be that of an old curmudgeon.  Is it fair to say that the institution of marriage is not held in the highest esteem by our twenty-somethings?  Somewhere around half of all marriages end in divorce.  It stands to reason that at least another 25% are most unhappy but staying together.  Wouldn’t it serve the greater good to have a program that portrayed marriage in a positive light, where the husband is characterized as one who is a competent leader of his household and not some blithering idiot, and that his wife is an intelligent and respectful helpmate instead of one who covets her neighbor’s husband.

Who in their right mind would ever watch a program like that?   I used to – it was called the Cosby Show.                        

Your thoughts?

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