Thursday, 6 May 2010


Dinosaur that I am, I have come to truly appreciate the technological advances of our age.  I have just signed up for Skype, though I assure you that the world is not ready to see me on a high definition camcorder.  I love the Kindle I got for Christmas and now I have 15 books sitting by my bedside to be read instead of four.  I spend most of the day on my lap top and experience some form of withdrawal if I don’t receive at least 30 non-advertisement e-mails a day.  But I have drawn a line in the proverbial sand and I have refused to get a smart phone – at least for now.
Lest you think I have forgotten that this is a marriage blog let me close the loop.  Have you ever heard a wife say, “If he would only talk to me?”  Or, “When I ask him how his day was he just says, ‘Fine’.”  For many husbands “Fine” is a complete sentence.  For the wife who has perhaps been at home all day conversing with three children under the age of five “Fine” doesn’t cut it.  She wants to connect, she wants a real conversation, and she wants adult conversation about adult topics.  Getting most husbands to initiate a meaningful conversation when they walk in the door might be akin to a cultural shift of getting men to wear kilts. 

Smart phones (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) have driven personal, intimate, one-on-one conversations to a new low.  Work, ESPN and the latest breaking financial news now have immediate access to the once physically present but emotionally absent husband.  Each time his phone goes off he reaches for it like Wyatt Earp trying to outdraw the bad guys.  Enough already!  Park your smart phone at the door.  Give your wife a big hug, ask her how her day was and ask what you might do to help.

This posting makes it sound as though this is a malady that affects men only, not so.  The real point is that electronics can take over your life if you let them –what do you think?

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